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Carl95: KommentareAnnotations
Steinar Carlson. Organizational Perspectives of Workflow Technology, Technical report, The Norwegian Institute of Technology, The University of Trondheim, 1995.
CCGM95: KommentareAnnotations
G. Canals, F. Charoy, C. Godart, and P. Molli. P-ROOT & COO : Building a cooperative software development environment. In Proceedings of SEE 95, 1995.
CCPP95a: KommentareAnnotations
F. Casati, S. Ceri, B. Pernici, G. Pozzi. Conceptual modeling of workflows, O-O ER'95, Gold Coast, Australia, Springer Verlag, Dec. 12-15, December 1995.
CCPP95b: KommentareAnnotations
F. Casati, S. Ceri, B. Pernici, G. Pozzi. Conceptual Modeling of WorkFlows, Internal Report N. 95.018, Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano, (extended version of CCPP95a), September. 1995
CCPP96a: KommentareAnnotations
F. Casati, S. Ceri, B. Pernici, G. Pozzi. Workflow Evolution In: Proceedings of ER '96, Cottubus, Germany, October 1996.
CCPP96b: KommentareAnnotations
F. Casati, S. Ceri, B. Pernici, G. Pozzi. Deriving active rules for WorkFlow enactment, In: Proceedings of DEXA '96, Zürich, CH, September 1996.
CCPP96c: KommentareAnnotations
F. Casati, S. Ceri, B. Pernici, G. Pozzi. Semantic workflow interoperability, EDBT 96, Avignon, France, March 1996.
CGP*96: KommentareAnnotations
F. Casati, P. Grefen, B. Pernici, G. Pozzi, G. Sánchez. WIDE Workflow model and architecture, submitted for publication.
ChBe94: KommentareAnnotations
G. Chroust and J. Bergsman. Workflow system. In G. Chroust and A. Benczur, editors, Proceedings of CON '94, Workflow Management: Challenges, Paradigms and Products, Linz, Austria, pp. 291-293. R. Oldenbourg München, September1994.
ChHa95: KommentareAnnotations
Arvola Chan and Kieran Harty. Building flexible distributed applications with the Teknetron enterprise toolkit. Bulletin of the Technical Comittee on Data Engineering,18(1):33-40, March 1995.
CMMS91: KommentareAnnotations
L. Colazzo, L. Mich, D. Malinverni Silvestri, T. Schael. Interpretation of Human Relations in Computer Supported Communication: A Test with a Pragmatic Model. In: Stamper, R.; Kerola, P.; Lee, R.; Lyytinen, K. (eds.): Collaborative Work, Social Communication and Information Systems. North Holland, Amsterdam, pp. 77-92 , 1991.
Coyn95: KommentareAnnotations
Richard Coyne. Designing Information Technology in the Postmodern Age - From Method to Metaphor. MIT Press,1995.

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