6th day

March 30, 1896

In the first place the postponed wrestling contest is resumed and completed in the morning in the stadium. Even though the entrance to the stadium is free, the arriving public is few. The great emotion of the previous day, made the public indifferent to all the other events.

Rifle Range
The rifle range competitions consists of three events: Pistol shooting at 30 metres, Pistols at 25 metres, and Army Guns at 300 metres.

Swimming Contests
During the morning of the same day the swimming events were held at the Piraeus, of which the weather was propitious and hence innumerable spectators go down from Athens to enjoy the sight. The swimming contests includes the following events:

Cycling Events
In the afternoon the cycling events are continued at the Phaleron Cycling Track under most favourable weather conditions. The cycling contests includes the following events:

The winner in all the events is the French Masson

Lawn Tennis
The winners are the Englishman Boland and the German Traun.

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