3rd day

March 27, 1896

The now permanent rifle range specially built for the Games at Kallithea, was inaugurated in the morning of this day. There were 160 competitors who registered, of whom only ten were not Greeks, and they are divided into many heats. Until all heats have participated time passes and the end of the contest is postponed for the following day.

This most charming athletic games take place on the specially prepared ground near the Columns of the Temple of the Olympeion. The games are trials and no final results were issued, being postponed for a subsequent day.

Cycle Races
The cycle races take place on the specially built Cycle Track at New Phaleron at 1 p.m. The race is 100 klm. long and the cyclists have to circle the track 300 times. The spectators follow the contest with interest at the beginning. The sight, however, becomes monotonous and tires them. At about 3 p.m., most of the competitors become exhausted and retired, and there are but two disputing the prize, the Frenchman Flameng and the Greek Colettis. At last, the French flag is hoisted on the mast and greeted with enthusiasm by the spectators.

In the evening the crowds in the streets and squares which were brilliantly lit up for the whole of the festivities, are not large, owing to the bad weather. Indubitably the weather is bad for the Games.

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