4th day

March 28, 1896

The Rifle Range
In the morning the contests for army guns at 200 metres continue at the rifle range. The winner is the Greek Karasevdas, Law Student.

Lawn Tennis
The event continues with the games between various teams but without definite results.

Fencing Contests
The fencing continued in the morning in the Zappeion. The Greek Georgiades is declared the winner.

Contests in the Stadium
During this day the contests in the stadium have a gymnastic character. At 2.30 p.m. the arrival of the Royal Family is announced by a bugle call. With it comes the King of Serbia wearing civilian dress. The bands on parade play the Greek Anthem and the Serbian Anthem while the spectators standing, cheer the King and His august guest.

Immediately following this, as is written in the programme, the concert playing take place with all the philharmonic bands which play the Olympic Hymn of Mr Samaras under the leadership of the chief bandmaster of the Guard. The majestic notes of the hymn echo in the arena and the enthused spectators clamour for its repetition which they succeed in getting.

And the Games start.

800 Metres Race
The Australian Flack is the winner of this competition.

The Parallel Bars-Teams
Competing are the Greeks teams of the National Gymnastic Club of Athens and of the Panhellenic Gymnastic Club as also the German team. The Greek teams have a larger number of participants and carry out the exercises with much order and precision while each of their exercises is followed by immediate applause by the spectators. They are all dressed similarly, blue flannels and white socks. The German team consisting of ten gymnasts, wears a white tunic and black socks. The judges nominate as winner the German team.

The Horizontal Bar-Teams
During the interval the united bands continue to play. In this event only one team is entered, the German team, which carries out various exercises with exceeding skill. The spectators applaud them while the German flag waves victoriously.

Vaulting Horse
In this event there are seventeen competitors, and a German is the winner for one more time.

Pommelled Horse
The winner of the Game is nominated the Swiss Zutter.

The Rings
This event reserved a pleasant surprise for the spectators in the stadium. Twelve competed among them the Greek Mitropoulos of the National Gymnastic Club, who is the first Greek Olympic winner in the stadium. The enthusiasm bursts forth beyond control; tears damp the eyes, hats are hurled into the air and handkerchiefs are waved frenziedly. The cheers and the endless applause constitute an indescribable composite sound.

The Horizontal Bar
Sixteen compete, of whom two Greeks and most of the others German. For the third time during this day the German flag is raised.

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