2nd day

March 26, 1896

Fencing Contest
The building of the Zappeion was chosen as the lieu of this event. A special ring was set up in the centre of the Hall. The seats of the spectators formed the circle of the ring.

At the appointed hour, 10. 00 a.m., the Royal Family arrives, being welcomed at the propylaea, and the contestants appears in pairs, wearing the regulation masks, with the points of the foils covered. The winner, L. Pyrgos, was the first Greek Olympic winner of the games.

At 2.30 p.m. the athletic contests in the Stadium started:

110 metres with hurdles
On the track wooden hurdles have been placed at close intervals, over which the runners must jump to reach the finishing tape. There are eight competitors divided into heats.

The Long Jump
Of the eighteen who have registered only eight take part. The winner is the American Clark of Boston.

Final of the 400 metres
The four finalists of the former day's trial take part. The winner is the American Burke, covering the distance in 54.5 sec. The Americans become enthusiastic at their repeated victories.

Putting the Weight
This event, especially popular in Greece, brings the interest of the public to a high pitch. Garrett proves himself the winner and once more the American flag waves victorious and the enthusiasm of the Americans reaches its apogee.

This event take place in the middle of the arena on a ground covered with sand. From the eight contestants, first is proved the Dane Jensen.

The 1500 metres race
Eight contestants take part in that last event of the day. The winner is the Australian Flack. The Australian flag is hoisted and the events for the second day have come to an end.

In the evening, according to the programme, the Acropolis is lit up. Multicolour flares of torches are reflected on the Sacred Rock and the dignified ruins shine in the most majestic glory, just as if by this illuminated symbol the wall being of ancient Greece was revivified by these modern games.

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