[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-18

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Proceedings of the

IJCAI-99 Workshop on 
Ontologies and Problem-Solving Methods: 
Lessons Learned and Future Trends


Held on August 2, 1999 in conjunction with the
Sixteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
City Conference Center, Stockholm, Sweden

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Edited by

V. Richard Benjamins, SWI, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CEUR Publications, Volume 18, and
University of Amsterdam, Roetersstraat 15, 1018 WB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
ISBN 90-5470-085-8 


Table of Contents

Foreword to the proceedings

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  1. Overview of Knowledge Sharing and Reuse Components: Ontologies and Problem-Solving Methods

  2. A. Gómez Pérez, V.R. Benjamins
  3. The Role of Identity Conditions in Ontology Design

  4. N. Guarino
  5. Interoperation for Development and Improvement of Expert Systems

  6. N. Izumi, A. Maruyama, A. Suzuki, T.  Yamaguchi
  7. Overview of Methodologies for Building Ontologies

  8. M. Fernandez Lopez
  9. Managing Ontological Constraints

  10. Y. Kalfoglou, D. Robertson
  11. PHYSICIAN is a Role Played by an Object, whereas SIGN is a Role Played by a Concept

  12. G. Kassel
  13. Some Issues on Ontology Integration (ps)

  14. H.S. Pinto, A. Gómez Pérez, J.P. Martins
  15. Representing Capabilities of Problem Solving Methods

  16. W. Swartout, Y. Gil, A. Valente
  17. Integration of Knowledge in Synthesis Process

  18. H. Takeda, A. Tsumaya, T. Tomiyama
  19. Describing Problem Solving Methods Using Anytime Performance Profiles

  20. A. ten Teije, F. van Harmelen
  21. A Framework for Understanding and Classifying Ontology Applications

  22. M. Uschold, R. Jasper
  23. An Experience with Ontology-based Agent Clustering

  24. P.R.S. Visser, V.A.M. Tamma
  25. Constructing Domain Ontologies Based on Concept Drift Analysis

  26. T. Yamaguchi
  27. Ontologies for Symbolic Modeling in Practice?

  28. H. Kaindl

submitted to CEUR-WS by V. Richard Benjamins, June 22, 1999