[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-125

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Enterprise Modelling and Ontologies for Interoperability

Proceedings of the Open InterOp Workshop on
Enterprise Modelling and Ontologies for Interoperability

Co-located with CAiSE'04 Conference
Riga (Latvia), 7-8 June 2004

Edited by

Michele Missikoff *


* LEKS, IASI-CNR, Rome, Italy


Table of Contents


  1. Enterprise Modelling: objectives, constructs and ontologies
    F. Vernadat
  2. Ontologies for Interoperability
    M. Lenzerini, M. Missikoff

Keynote speech:

  1. Canonical model development techniques aimed at semantic interoperability in the heterogeneous world of information modeling
    L.A. Kalinichenko

Regular papers:

Enterprise & Business Modelling

  1. Ontologies for Analysis and Improvement of Business Process Quality in a Virtual Enterprise
    A. Galatescu, T. Greceanu
  2. A Unified Foundational Ontology and some Applications of it in Business Modeling
    G. Guizzardi, G. Wagner
  3. Evaluating the REA Enterprise Ontology from an Operational Perspective
    S.E. Borch, C. Stefansen
  4. Ontology-based Interoperability for Interorganizational Applications
    V. De Antonellis, M. Melchiori, D. Bianchini
  5. Supporting Enterprise Integration through a Unified Enterprise Modeling Language
    G. Berio, V. Anaya, Á. Ortiz

Ontology Building

  1. On the use of WordNet for semantic interoperability: towards "cognitive computing"
    C. Veres
  2. A knowledge-based approach to ontology learning and semantic annotation
    R. Navigli, P. Velardi
  3. A Step Towards Context Insensitive Quality Control for Ontology Building Methodologies
    S. Hakkarainen, R. Matulevičius, D. Strašunskas, X. Su, G. Sindre


  1. Ranked Matching for Service Descriptions using DAML-S
    M.C. Jaeger, S. Tang
  2. Towards Ontology-Driven Institutional IS Engineering
    S. Turki, C. Aïdonidis, A. Khadraoui, M. Léonard
  3. A Model-based Ontology of the Software Interoperability Problem: Preliminary Results
    V. Rosener, T. Latour, E. Dubois

Short Papers:

  1. An Approach to the Enterprise Integration
    R. Chalmeta, R. Grangel, C. Campos, Ò. Coltell
  2. Enhancing Application Interoperability and Enabling B2B Transactions over the Internet for Small and Medium Enterprises : The PRAXIS Project
    Y. Charalabidis, S. Pantelopoulos
  3. Methods and Techniques for Ontology-based Semantic Interoperability in Networked Enterprise Contexts
    S. Castano, A. Ferrara, S. Montanelli
  4. Modeling and realizing interoperability
    M.A. Jeusfeld , W.-J. van den Heuvel, J. Hoppenbrouwers, K. Leune, M. Papazoglou, H. Weigand, J. Yang
  5. Achieving Enterprise Model Interoperability through the Model-Based Architecture Framework for Enterprises
    H.D. Jørgensen, O.P. Ohren
  6. Perspectives on the scope and definition process of the Unified Enterprise Modelling Language
    M. Petit, P. Heymans
  7. Ontology Driven Business Processes Integration - a Position Paper
    P. Backlund, B. Wangler, E. Söderström, A. Toms, R.-M. Åhlfeldt, A. Persson
  8. Using business network models in web-Pilarcos
    L. Kutvonen
  9. Ontology of Enterprise Competencies
    M. Harzallah
  10. Why we understand each other: the role of the context
    G. Andrighetto, P. Assogna
  11. Moda-ML: Building a collaborative sectoral framework based on ebXML
    N. Gessa, P. De Sabbata, M. Marzocchi, F. Vitali
  12. The PARADIGMA Project: an Ontology-based Approach for Cooperative Work in the Medical Domain
    A. Di Leva, D. Occhetti, C. Reyneri
  13. Description Logics for Interoperability
    E. Franconi
  14. A Patient Centred Process Ontology for Information Visualisation in Health Care
    P. Jayaweera, P. Johannesson
  15. Using Ontologies to Compose Transformations of XML Schema Based Documents
    J. Eder, C. Koncilia, M. Lehmann, H. Pichler
  16. Setting up an ontology of business models
    A. Osterwalder, C. Parent, Y. Pigneur
  17. Ontologies in the CRP Henri Tudor projects
    J-S Brunner, T. Latour
  18. Ontology-based semantic infrastructure for service interoperability
    D. Bianchini, V. De Antonellis, M. Melchiori
  19. COEUR-SW: Concepts On Enriching, Understanding, and Retrieving the Semantics on the Web
    S. Hakkarainen, A. Sølvberg, T. Brasethvik, Y. Lin, J. Sampson, G. Sindre, D. Strasunskas, X. Su, C. Veres
  20. Complement Concept and Capability Discovery
    N. Boudjlida, C. Dong
  21. Enriching Ontology Languages Adequacy for eBusiness Domain
    M. Missikoff, F. Schiappelli
  22. UML for Ontology Modelling and Interoperability
    V. Kabilan, P. Johannesson
  23. Using the WordNet ontology for interpreting Medical Records
    J.E. Ingvaldsen, C. Veres
  24. Virtual Engineering Team for the Industrial Engineering
    N. Perry, A. Bernard, A. Candlot, S.A. Khodja, Y. Keraron, M. Shahrokhi, M. Pouliquen, M. Mauchand
  25. Towards Semantic Service Specification and Discovery
    S. Pokraev, R.J. Wieringa, M.W.A. Steen
  26. Ontology for Characterising Architecture Frameworks
    O.P. Ohren
  27. Introduction to iVS - Intelligent Distributed Systems
    M.C. Jaeger
  28. Adding trust to ontology based peer-to-peer networks
    A. Hahn, S. Abels

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