This domain of can be divided into two focal points: The first one deals with the way the programmes and projects are presented in the Internet. Important aspects are the offered services and technical features in detail. As one ressult stands the table below, where different attributes are assigned to the analysed objects, whereby a cross stands for "is offered" and a line means "is not offered". These results have only been extracted from the webpresentation.
The second part is still under construction and will point out how the projects see and allocate themselves, especially the significance and use of their onlinecommunity in their learning processes. Responsible representatives will have the opportunity to speak out on this topic.

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Offered services

Data table

Name AKAD Wissens-management Competence-Site Controlling. net Foraus. de Akademie. de
Postings of other users, Chat X X X X X X
Participation of experts from science/ practice - X X X - -
Special learning or forum software X - - - X -
Anonymous login possible X X X X - -
Registration for additional usage X X X X X X
Newsletter - X X - X X
Administration, personal settings X - - - X -
Announcements of external events - X X X X -
Recommandation of literature, reviews - X - X X -
Learning material, supporting documents X - - - X X
Diploma, certificat etc. possible X - - - - X
Job offers or/ and applications X X X X X X
Sponsors, partners - X X X - -
Online courses, workshops, guidance X - - - X X

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Sabrina M. Steinfels 2002-08-15