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BPM Demo 2006
at the BPM Conference 2006

Proceedings of the BPM Demo Session
at the Fourth International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2006) in Vienna (Austria), 5-7 Sept 2006.

Edited by

Jan Mendling

Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, A-1090 Vienna, Austria.

BPM Demo Proceedings

Table of Contents

  1. ProcessGene Query - a Tool for Querying the Content Layer of Business Process Models (pages 1-8)
    Avi Wasser, Maya Lincoln, Reuven Karni
  2. A Tool Chain for Lazy Soundness (pages 9-16)
    Frank Puhlmann
  3. Configurable Execution Environments for Medical Processes (pages 17-24)
    S. Jablonski, M. Faerber, M. Götz, B. Volz, S. Müller, S. Dornstauder
  4. Repository for Business Processes and Arbitrary Associated Metadata (pages 25-31)
    Jussi Vanhatalo, Jana Koehler, and Frank Leymann
  5. Maestro for Let's Dance: An Environment for Modeling Service Interactions (pages 32-38)
    Gero Decker, Margarit Kirov, Johannes Maria Zaha, Marlon Dumas
  6. Middleware Support for BPEL Workflows in the AO4BPEL Engine (pages 39-46)
    Anis Charfi, Mira Mezini

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published on CEUR-WS.org, 2-Oct-2006