[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-162

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CLA 2005
Concept Lattices and their Applications

Proceedings of the CLA 2005 International Workshop on
Concept Lattices and their Applications

Olomouc, Czech Republic, September 7-9, 2005.

Edited by

Radim Belohlavek *
Vaclav Snasel #

* Department of Computer Science, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic
# Amphora Research Group, Department of Computer Science, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Table of Contents

  1. Every Concept Lattice With Hedges Is Isomorphic To Some Generalized Concept Lattice
    Stanislav Krajci
  2. A Formal Concept Analysis Approach to Discover Association Rules from Data
    Mondher Maddouri
  3. New Closure Operators and Lattice Representations for Multivalued Dependencies and Related Expressions
    Jaume Baixeries, Jose Luis Balcazar
  4. What is a fuzzy concept lattice?
    Radim Belohlavek, Vilem Vychodil
  5. Avoiding the itemset closure computation "pitfall"
    Tarek Hamrouni, Sadok Ben Yahia, Yahya Slimani
  6. Evaluation of IPAQ questionnaire by FCA
    Vladimir Sklenar, Jiri Zacpal, Erik Sigmund
  7. Efficient algorithms for clone items detection
    Raoul Medina, Caroline Noyer, Olivier Raynauld
  8. Usage of Genetic Algorithm for Lattice Drawing
    Suhail Owais, Petr Gajdos, Vaclav Snasel
  9. Translations between Concept Hierarchies over Different Attribute Sets
    Rainer Osswald
  10. Using Formal Concept Analysis for Heterogeneous Information Retrieval
    Ibtissem Nafkha, Ali Jaoua
  11. Hierarchical Multidimensional Modelling in the Concept-Oriented Data Model
    Alexander Savinov
  12. Conceptual Exploration of Software Structure: A Collection of Examples
    Richard Cole, Thomas Tilley, Jon Ducrou
  13. Creating of Conceptual Lattices using Multilayer Perceptron
    Vladimir Havel, Jan Martinovic, Vaclav Snasel, Karel Vlcek
  14. Formal Topology, Chu Space and Approximable Concept
    Xueyou Chen, Qingguo Li
  15. GenAll Algorithm: Decorating Galois lattice with minimal generators
    Sondess Ben Tekaya, Sadok Ben Yahia, Yahya Slimani
  16. VIE_MGB: A Visual Interactive Exploration of Minimal Generic Basis of Association Rules
    Chiraz Latiri Cherif, Wissem Bellegha, Sadok Ben Yahia, Ghada Guesmi
  17. Distributed and General Galois Lattice for Large Data Bases
    Fatma Baklouti, Gerard Levy
  18. A distributed version of the Ganter algorithm for general Galois Lattices
    Fatma Baklouti, Gerard Levy

submitted by Radim Belohlavek, 22-Nov-2005