[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-129

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Databases, Texts, Specifications, Objects

Proceedings of the Dateso 2005 Annual International Workshop on
DAtabases, TExts, Specifications and Objects

Desna, Czech Republic, April 13-15, 2005.

Edited by

Karel Richta +
Vaclav Snasel *
Jaroslav Pokorny #

+ Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
* Amphora Research Group, Department of Computer Science, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic
# Department of Software Engineering, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

Table of Contents

  1. Comparison of parallel and random approach to a candidate list in the multifeature querying
    Peter Gursky
  2. Finite State Automata as a Data Storage
    Marian Mindek, Martin Hynar
  3. Characteristics of cosymmetric association rules
    Michal Burda, Marian Mindek, Jana Sarmanova
  4. Text Compression: Syllables
    Jan Lansky, Michal Zemlicka
  5. Vector model improvement by FCA and Topic Evolution
    Jan Martinovic, Petr Gajdos
  6. Unsupervised clustering with growing self-organizing neural network -- a comparison with non-neural approach
    Martin Hynar, Michal Burda, Jana Sarmanova
  7. On classification of XML document transformations
    Jana Dvorakova
  8. Multimedia information extraction from HTML product catalogues
    Martin Labsky, Pavel Praks, Vojtech Svatek, Ondrej Svab
  9. Text mining tool for ontology engineering based on use of product taxonomy and web directory
    Jan Nemrava, Vojtech Svatek
  10. Relational Data Mining and GUHA
    Tomas Karban
  11. Testing Dimension Reduction Methods for Text Retrieval
    Pavel Moravec
  12. Query optimization by Genetic Algorithms
    Suhail S. J. Owais, Pavel Kromer, and Vaclav Snasel

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