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C. Rolland
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Curriculum Vitae

Professor Dr. Colette Rolland, Universite Paris-Sorbonne

Colette Rolland is a Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Paris-1 Panthéon/Sorbonne where she has worked since 1979.

She is leading the masters curriculum MIAGe (Méthodes Informatiques Appliquées la Gestion) and the Ph.D. curriculum on databases and information systems called Théorie et Ingéniérie des Bases de données.

Her research interests lie in the areas of information modelling, databases, temporal data modelling, object-oriented analysis and design, requirements engineering, design methodologies, development process modelling and CASE tools.

She is Director of the Centre de Recherche en Informatique and supervises a team of 7 full time assistant-professors and 12 to 15 research students that are active in these areas. She has supervised 51 PhD theses and has extensive experience in leading research projects and conducting co-operative projects with industry. Her research work has been supported by national fundings of the CNRS, INRIA, MRT (Ministry of Research and Technology) and by the Commission of the European Communities under the ESPRIT programme (projects TODOS, BUSINESS CLASS, F3 and NATURE).

Professor C. Rolland is the originator of the REMORA methodology for the analysis, design and realization of Information Systems. She is the co-author of five textbooks, editor of six books and author/co-author of over 90 invited and refereed papers. She is on the editorial board of the AFCET journal Ingéniérie des Systems d'Information, the Journal of Information Systems, the Data and Knowledge Engineering journal, the Journal on Information and Software Technology, The Strategic Information Systems Journal and the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems. She has been involved in a number of conferences, as a member of over 35 programme committees and programme committee chairperson of 11. She is on the board of AFCET, the French Computer Society and is the French representative in IFIP TC8 on Information Systems. She is currently the chairperson of the IFIP Working Group W 8.1.

Selected Publications

C. Cauvet, C. Proix, and C. Rolland: Information System Design: an Expert System Approach. Proc. of the Intl. Conf. on Extending Database Technology, Venice, Italy, March 1988.

M. Jarke, K. Pohl, C. Rolland, and J.-R. Schmitt: Experienced-Based Method Evaluation and Improvement: A Process Modeling Approach. Proc of the Intl. IFIP W 8.1 Conference in CRIS series: Method and associated Tools for the Information Systems Life Cycle, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 1994.

J.Y. Lingat, W. Nobecourt, and C. Rolland: Managing the behaviour of data base applications. Proc. of the 13th Intl. Conf. on Very Large Databases, Brigthon, UK, 1987.

T.W. Olle, J. Hagelstein, I. MacDonald, C. Rolland, F. van Assche, and A. Verrijn Stuart: Information Systems Methodologies: A Framework for Understanding. Addison Wesley, 1988.

C. Rolland, S. Leifert, and C. Richard: Tools for Information Dynamics Managements. Proc. of the 5th Intl. Conf. on Very Large Databases, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1979.

C. Rolland and C. Richard: Transaction Modelling. Proc. of the ACM/ SIGMOD Intl. Conf., Orlando, FL, 1982.

C. Rolland and C. Cauvet: ALECSI: An Expert System for Requirements Engineering. Proc. of the 3rd Intl. Conf. on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Trondheim, Norway, May 1991.

C. Rolland and C. Proix: A Natural Language Approach for Requirements Engineering. Proc. of the 4th Intl. Conf. on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Manchester, UK, May 1992.

C. Rolland: Modeling the Requirements Engineering Process. Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases, 1993.

C. Rolland and G. Grosz: A General Framework for Describing the Requirements Engineering Process. Proc. of the Intl. Conf. on Men, Systems and Cybernetics, San Antonio, TX, October 1994.


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