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M. Jarke
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Curriculum Vitae

Professor Dr. Matthias Jarke, RWTH Aachen, Project Coordinator

Matthias Jarke is professor of Information Systems at the Technical University of Aachen, Germany, and chairman of the computer science department. After studying business and informatics and receiving his doctorate at the University of Hamburg, he held faculty positions at New York University and the University of Passau before joining Aachen. In his research, he is currently interested in meta information systems that integrate heterogeneous systems and processes running on these systems. Projects in his group investigate technological foundations as well as applications of such systems in areas such as Software Engineering, Production Engineering, Medical Information Systems, Telecommunications, and Chemical Engineering. More than a hundred publications, patent applications, and commercial products result from this work. The ConceptBase deductive object-oriented database prototype developed in his group is widely used by research groups and industry throughout the world.

Jarke has been scientific coordinator of two ESPRIT projects, DAIDA and NATURE, and participated in numerous other projects funded by national and international agencies and directly by industry. Since 1994, he is European Editor of the database journal, Information Systems, and has chaired programme committees in the fields of databases (EDBT, VLDB), distributed systems (CoopIS), business information systems (WITS), and operations research (DGOR). In 1995, he was elected Vice President Advanced Technologies of the International Association of Information Systems.

Selected Publications

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M. Jarke K. Pohl A. Sutcliffe C. Rolland P.Y. Schobbens P. Hruschka


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