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P. Hruschka
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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Peter Hruschka, Industrial Steering Committee Chair

Peter Hruschka is an independent consultant for software and system technology, providing training and consulting for many large organizations. Before becoming independent in 1995, he worked in one of the largest German system and software companies (debis Systemhaus) for more than 18 years.

He received his Master degree and his PhD in computer science from the University of Vienna. His first years in industry were spent with work on programming languages and compilers. He is the co-author of the German standard for the real-time language PEARL and represented Germany in the Ada evaluation board.

Since more than 15 years his career is dedicated to software and systems engineering. He is the conceptual father of the successful CASE environment ProMod-PLUS, which is marketed worldwide since 1982. The toolset supports many of the modern requirements and design methods as well as code generation and reverse engineering.

Peter Hruschka participated in several research projects, among them the Eureka Software Factory. He served on the technical steering group of ESPRIT project COMPLEMENT which resulted in the book Real Time Systems - Investigating Industrial Practice.

He has also translated several software engineering books (e.g. McMenamin/Palmer: Essential System Analysis) and published two books on CASE (in German), numerous papers on requirements and design methods, and on technology transfer. He has been invited as keynote speaker to many conferences on software technology. He is a member of the editorial board of the German journals Informatics - Research and Development and Object Spectrum and a regular member of the programme committee for the European Software Engineering Conferences.

Currently is co-authoring a new book on developing large embedded systems with Derek Hatley (to be published with Dorset House, New York) and is writing a book on object orientation.

Selected Publications

W. Hruschka: My way to CASE (in German). Hanser Verlag, 1991. W. Hruschka: CASE in Practice- Experiences introducing CASE-Technology (in German). Hanser Verlag, 1991.

I. Pyle, K. Jackson, W. Hruschka, and M. Lissandre: Real Time Systems - Investigating Industrial Practice. Wiley & Sons, 1993.


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