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High End Hosting for Public Forums

Hosts collaborative events on the Web.


Hosts community sites using WebBoard and their own chat, instant messaging, and email software.


Dynapolis, by Polaris Consulting
Builds and hosts customized community sites using Web Crossing and other tools.


Hosts high-end corporate sites, and offers a relatively low-cost "Enthusiast's" forum hosting service for a monthly fee. The user interface is available in several languages.


iland Internet Solutions Corporation
Hosts forums using WebBoard.


Focuses on reporting and analyzing usage trends and user behavior. Customers include CNET.


InScribe Message Boards, by CriticalPath
Hosts community sites and corporate intranets using their own proprietary software. Pricing is per user, per month.


Hosts community sites using their own OpenCommunity software, or with third party software.


OpenTopic, by Infopop
Hosts community sites using their own software.


MyAssociation Connect


Hosts enterprise community sites using their own proprietary software.


Prospero Technologies
Formed by a merger between Delphi Forums and Well Engaged, Prospero builds and hosts online community sites for their clients.


Teamware Pl@za
Community hosting service targeted at membership associations.

Omar R. Hadjar 2002-01-20