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Virtual Team Workspaces (Groupware)

Online workspace oriented toward engineering firms and the construction industry. Uses WebEx conferencing.


Custom-designed conferencing spaces for collaborative work, targeting mainly Fortune 1000 companies.


Communispace builds corporate communities based on their own software.


Hosts forums and chats with their IP-Forum and IP-Interact software.


Can be used free of charge if you will tolerate advertising banners and some space usage limits.


Lotus Instant!TeamRoom
This service appears to be on the way out, apparently to be replaced by Lotus QuickPlace.


Lotus QuickPlace


MyAssociation Team


Uses the BSCW Shared Workspace System.


Orchestra by Crossdraw


Planet Intra
Offers Planet Intra service for light duty, and Intra.Net service for larger organizations.


Uses the BSCW Shared Workspace System.


Support Crossing
Designed for teams of customer support personnel, with features such as trouble ticket tracking. Based on the Web Crossing software.




Team Crossing
Service based on the popular Web Crossing software.




TeamSpace, by


Virtual Conference Centre, by Virtual Environments International


A service of SiteScape. Their software (formerly Alta Vista Forum) is also available as a product.

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