The International Workshop on the Design and Management of Data Warehouses (DMDW) has been an international forum for the promotion of research in the field of data warehousing. Data Warehousing embraces technology and industrial practice to systematically integrate data from multiple distributed data sources and to use that data in annotated and aggregated form to support business decision-making and enterprise management. Although many database techniques have been revisited or newly developed in the context of data warehouses, such as view maintenance and OLAP, little attention has been paid to the design, management and high quality service of the management of a given enterprise, or to aspects which are intrinsic to the functionality and usage of data warehouses, either in the back-stage (like data cleansing or data extraction and loading) or in the front-end (like similar and uncertain queries, or what-if analysis). The DMDW workshop series has been intended as a forum to fill this gap.

DMDW started as a workshop in Heidelberg, 1999. Since then, the workshop had taken place on an annual basis with great success, with special journal issues publishing best papers from past editions of DMDW. The workshop followed the tradition of interactive participation in workshops and promoted a culture of vivid discussions. With 2003, DMDW stops as a series since major results in the data warehousing domain have been achieved and there are other excellent workshops like DOLAP that continue to be a forum for data warehousing experts. The list of past DMDW workshops is here:

1st DMDW Workshop: Heidelberg, Germany, June 14-15, 1999

co-located with CAiSE*99,

2nd DMDW Workshop: Stockholm, Sweden, June 5-6, 2000

co-located with CAiSE*00


3rd DMDW Workshop: Interlaken, Switzerland, 4 June 2001

co-located with CAiSE*01


4th DMDW Workshop: Toronto, Canada, May 27, 2002

co-located with CAiSE*02

5th DMDW Workshop: Berlin, Germany Monday, September 8, 2003

co-located with VLDB 2003

Contact: Martin Staudt, M. Jeusfeld, jeusfeld(at)uvt(dot)nl
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