[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-83

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ISWC 2003 Workshop

Semantic Web Technologies for Searching and Retrieving Scientific Data

Proceedings of the  Workshop on Semantic Web Technologies for Searching and Retrieving Scientific Data.
Colocated with the Second International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-03)

Sanibel Island, Florida, October 20, 2003.

Edited by

Naveen Ashish , NASA Ames Research Center
Carole Goble , University of Manchester

Table of Contents

Research Papers

  1. Exploring a New Approach to the Alignment of Ontologies
    Isabel Cruz and Afsheen Rajendran
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  2. Towards Ontologies on Demand
    Youngja Park, Roy Byrd and Branimir Boguraev
    IBM TJ Watson Research Center
  3. A Model-based K-means Algorithm for Name Disambiguation
    Hui Han, Hongyuan Zha and C.Lee Giles
    Pennsylvania State University
  4. Multi-Scale Science, Supporting Emerging Practice with Semantically Derived Provenance
    James Myers, Carmen Panerella, Carina Lansing, Karen Schuchardt and Brett Didier
    Pacific Northwest National Lab
  5. Annotating, linking and browsing provenance logs for e-Science
    Jun Zhao, Carole Goble, Mark Greenwood, Chris Wroe and Robert Stevens
    University of Manchester
  6. Supporting Collaborative Science Through a Data and Knowledge Management Portal
    William Pike, Ola Ahlqvist, Mark Gahegan and Sachin Oswal
    Pennsylvania State University
  7. A System for Semantic Integration of Geologic Maps via Ontologies
    Kai Lin and Bertam Ludaescher
    San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego
  8. The Earth System Grid Discovery and Semantic Web Technologies
    Line Pouchard (ORNL), and Luca Cinquini and Gary Strand (NCAR)
  9. Efficient data store discovery in a scientific P2P network
    Alexander Löser, Martin Wolpers, Wolf Siberski and Wolfgang Nejdl
    Technische Universtitat Berlin
  10. Using Semantic Annotations for Automatic Hypertext Link Generation in Scientific Texts
    Massimo Melucci and Joe Rehder
    University of Padova and NASA Langley

Position Papers

  1. Towards a Generic Framework for Semantic Registration of Scientific Data
    Shawn Bowers and Bertram Ludascher
    San Diego Supercomputer Center
  2. Interoperability and Semantics for Heterogeneous Earthquake Science Data
    Anne Yun-An Chen, Seokkyung Chung, Shan Gao, Dennis McLeod (USC), Andrea Donellan and Jay Parker (JPL), Geoffrey Fox and Marlon Pierce (Indiana University) , Miryha Gould and Lisa Grant (UCI) and John Rundle (UCD)


Using ESML in a Semantic Web Approach for Improved Earth Science Data Usabilty
Rahul Ramachandran, Helen Conover, Sunil Movva and Sara Graves
University of Alabama in Huntsville

What is a « good » Hypertext System for accessing Scientific Literature?
Hermine Njike Fotzo
Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6 - LIP6

Using Deduction to Choreograph Multiple Data Sources
Richard Waldinger, Peter Jarvis (SRI International), and Jennifer Dungan (NASA Ames Research Center)

Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET)
Rob Raskin and Michael Pan
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Developing a Web-based User Interface for Semantic Information Retrieval
Daniel Berrios and Richard Keller
NASA Ames Research Center

Retrieval of Scientific Data in Esperonto
Valentina Tamma, Michael Woolridge and Ian Blacoe (University of Liverpool), and Andreas Persidis (Biovista)

Leveraging the Construction of Semantic Web Applications Using the Model Driven Architecture
Leonardo M Cunha, Simone DJ Barbosa and Carlos JP de Lucena
Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Searching for Geographic Data Sources for Land Use Planning
Nancy Wiegand
University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Bipartite Graph Co-Clustering Approach to Ontology Mapping
Yiling Chen and Frederico Fonseca
Pennsylvania State University

Realizing the Hydrogen Economy through Semantic Web Technologies (Paper not available)

Submitted by N. Ashish, October 7, 2003