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1st (CM)² Young Researcher Symposium 2011

Proceedings of the 1st Young Researcher Symposium by Center for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (CM)² (YRS2011)

Kaiserslautern, Germany, February 15, 2011.

Edited by

Frank Balle *
Nicole Marheineke #
Frank Kienle *
Karsten Schmidt *
Nicole Tschauder *

* University of Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Germany
# University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany

Table of Contents

    Session A:

  1. Zuverlässige und schnelle Erzeugung von Zufallsnetzwerken für Evaluationszwecke 9-14
    Darko Obradovic, Wolfgang Schlauch
  2. Mathematical Optimization Based Channel Coding: Current Achievements and Future Challenges 15-20
    Michael Helmling, Stefan Scholl, Akin Tanatmis
  3. Session B:

  4. Advanced Prediction of Pulsed Extraction Column Performance using LLECMOD 21-26
    Moutasem Jaradat, Menwer Attarakih, Hans-Jörg Bart
  5. CFD Simulation und verbesserte Datenauswertung einer Extraktionskolonne vom Typ Kühni 27-32
    Mark W. Hlawitschka, Fang Chen, Hans-Jörg Bart, Hans Hagen
  6. Nonlinear Finite Element Simulation of Thin Dielectric Elastomer Structures 33-38
    Sandro Zwecker, Sven Klinkel, Ralf Müller
  7. A Software Language Approach to Derivative Contracts in Finance 39-43
    Jean-Marie Gaillourdet
  8. Session C:

  9. An Inverse Problem Method for RDC Simulation 44-48
    Hanin B. Jildeh, Menwer Attarakih, Hans-Jörg Bart
  10. Hardware Accelerators for Financial Mathematics - Methodology, Results and Benchmarking (best paper) 49-54
    Christian de Schryver, Henning Marxen, Daniel Schmidt
  11. Session D:

  12. Characterisation of the Cyclic Deformation Behaviour of the Nodular Cast Iron ASTM 80-55-06 on the Basis of Physical Measurement Methods 55-60
    Holger Germann, Peter Starke, Dietmar Eifler
  13. Zur Untersuchung von stahlfaserverstärkten Betonen auf Basis der 3D-Computer-Tomographie 61-66
    Frank Schuler, Katja Schladitz

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