[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-174

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Spatio-Temporal Database Management

Proceedings of the Third STDBM Workshop on
Spatio-Temporal Database Management

Seoul, Rep. of Korea, September 11, 2006.

Edited by

Christophe Claramunt, Naval Academy Research Institute, France
Ki-Joune Li, Pusan National University, South Korea
Simonas Saltenis, Aalborg University, Denmark

Table of Contents

Complete proceedings
  1. Automatically and Efficiently Matching Road Networks with Spatial Attributes in Unknown Geometry Systems
    Ching-Chien Chen, Cyrus Shahabi, Craig. A. Knoblock, Mohammad Kolahdouzan
  2. Update-efficient Indexing of Moving Objects in Road Networks
    Jidong Chen, Xiaofeng Meng, Yanyan Guo, Zhen Xiao
  3. A Spatio-Temporal Database Model on Transportation Surveillance Videos
    Xin Chen, Chengcui Zhang
  4. Predicted Range Aggregate Processing in Spatio-temporal Databases
    Wei Liao, Guifen Tang, Ning Jing, Zhinong Zhong
  5. Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagrams for Optimal Sequenced Route Queries
    Mehdi Sharifzadeh, Cyrus Shahabi
  6. On Construction of Holistic Synopses under the Duplicate Semantics of Streaming Queries
    David Toman
  7. Mining Long, Sharable Patterns in Trajectories of Moving Objects
    Gyozo Gidofalvi, Torben Bach Pedersen
  8. Fusion Based Methodology for Spatial Clustering
    Pavani Kuntala, Vijav V. Raghavan
  9. A Storage Scheme for Multi-dimensional Databases Using Extendible Array Files
    Ekow J. Otoo, Doron Rotem

submitted by Christophe Claramunt, Ki-Joune Li, Simonas Saltenis, August 14, 2006