[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-138

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SIGAW 2005
Semantic Infrastructure for Grid Computing Applications Workshop

Proceedings of the Semantic Infrastructure for Grid Computing Applications Workshop (SIGAW) at the Cluster Computing and Grid Symposium (CCGrid 2005)

Cardiff, UK, May 9-12, 2005.

Edited by

Line C. Pouchard, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Luc Moreau, Southampton University

Table of Contents

This publication includes the presentations made at the workshop.
  1. Workshop Preface.
  2. Semi-Automated Preservation and Archival of Scientific Data Using Semantic Grid Services.
    J. Hunter, S. Choudhury
  3. Deductive Synthesis of Workflows for e-Science.
    A. Bundy, A. Smaill, L. Dixon
  4. Bootstrapping to a Semantic Grid
    J. Schwidder, T. Talbott, J. Myers
  5. Semantic Integration of File-based Data for Grid Services
    A. Woolf, R. Cramer, M. Gutierrez, et. al.
  6. Using Semantic Web Technology to Automate Data Integration in Grid and Web Service Architectures.
    M. Szomszor, T. Payne, L. Moreau
  7. A Semantic-grid Based Data Access and Integration for Bioinformatics
    G. Aloisio, G. Cafaro, M. Mirto, et al.

submitted by Line Pouchard, June 27, 2005.