Virtual Reality Modeling Language

VRML Players

First, you need to get the software for your platform:

PlatformMaker or Source
VRML Player
Version and NotesSize
Macintosh Virtus Corporation Virtus Voyager a111 (Does not fully support VRML 1.0)511K
Power Macintosh Apple Computer Whurlwind 1.0d6
needs QDraw-3D
SGI Irix 5.3 Silicon Graphics Web Space 1.0
needs OpenInventor
SGI Irix 5.3 Gerbert Orasche and Michael Pichler VRWeb 1.1
Very Good
All others look at: Yahoo on VRML

Expand the player and place it somewhere convenient.

Then configure your browser's Helpers with the following:

Mime type: x-world
Subtype: x-vrml
Extensions: wrl,vrml
Application: Voyager_a111_68k (or your favorite VRML browser)
File Type: TEXT
For example if your Web browser is Netscape Navigator© V2.0 your window will look like this:
Netscape Helpers window

That's all you have to do.

Note: Voyager_a111 does not load correctly the 'Temple of Zeus' model

Now you are ready for VRML !!
Go for it

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