Introduction of Games

Olympiad Date Game
1st 776 BC Stadion (single-course race, 200 m)
14th 724 BC Diaulos (double-course race, 400 m)
15th 720 BC Dolichos (long-course race, 2000 m)
18th 708 BC Pentathlon and Wrestling
23rd 688 BC Boxing
25th 680 BC Tethrippon (four-horse chariot race)
33rd 648 BC Horse race and Pankration (all-in wrestling)
37th 632 BC Boys' foot race and Wrestling
38th 628 BC Boys' Pentathlon (held once only)
41st 616 BC Boys Boxing
65th 520 BC Race in armor
70th 500 BC Apene (mule-cart race)
93rd 408 BC Two-horse chariot race
96th 396 BC Competitions for heralds and trumpeters
99th 384 BC Four-horse chariot race for yearlings
128th 268 BC Two-horse chariot for yearlings
131st 256 BC Horse race for yearlings
145th 200 BC Pankration for boys

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