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Breaking Away

from John Harrington
Publisher: John Harrington
No. of players: 3 to 6
Duration: ?
Age: ?

Breaking Away is a dice free race game, in which each person has a team of 4 cyclists racing around a track. Movement is all done by movement 'cards' that moves the cyclist around the track. Each cyclist has 3 (and possibly 4) cards. (The cards are actually just written down on a record sheet).

At the end of every round, when all the cyclists have moved, new cards are distributed depending on your position in the race. If you are leading a pack of riders, your replacement card is a 3. For every other rider, the value of the card they recieve is three plus the number of riders in front of them (providing that there are no breaks in the pack). If there is a space between a rider, and the rest of the riders (ie rrr r rrrrrr - r's equal riders in a group and spaces are spaces betwwen groups - the first rider in each group, and the rider by himself recieve 3's. The other riders in the group recieve a card equal to 3 + the number of riders in that group that are in front of them).

There are two sprint lines (at 1/3 and 2/3 the way through the race), and a finish line which all give riders points if they are one of the first few past the line.

The person who has the most points at the end of a race is the winner (or you can stretch it out to over a few races).

It is a fun game, and could almost be described as a team race version of Sechs Tage Rennen. It is a good break from that other game when you want a race game without all the luck/chaos involved with dice rolling.

Breaking Away is an amateur production only in that you have to buy it directly from the designer (ie. there is no cutting out of parts, or coloring needed) and is available from:
John Harrington
1 Churchbury Close
Middlesex, EN1 3UW

Peter Wotruba (10 Oct 1995)
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