Index of /ftp/pub/publications/CEUR-WS

This is the archive for CEUR Workshop Proceedings, a series of electronic publications. The files in this directory contain all material for a publication in a compressed 'zip' archive file. Download the files as follows on a UNIX machine:
   % ftp
   User name: anonymous
   Password: your@email.address
   > cd pub/publications/CEUR-WS
   > binary
   > get
   > quit
   % unzip
If not already installed, you will need the unzip utility which is available from various FTP servers. The unzip command will create a subdirectory with all material of the publication Vol-x. If you have a PC then you can use WinZIP, PKZIP, PowerZip or the like to decompress and unpack the archive files. On Mac computers a recent version of StuffIt Expander w/ Enhancer would do the same job. Mac OS-X comes with its own unzip facility, as well as Linux. Note that some of the proceedings are huge when decompressed, esp. Vol-6 and Vol-12. They consume more than 100 MB on your disk.

Besides, the FTP archive also holds the MD5 checksums in files Vol-x.md5. For a volume like, you can check the integrity of the download by by

  md5sum -c Vol-123.md5
Note that you need to download both and Vol-123.md5.

Please refer to for more information on CEUR Workshop Proceedings (incl. copyright issues) and for online access to individual papers.

M. Jeusfeld, 8-Oct-2012