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Quantian is more fully described on this page.

Executive Summary: The most recent version is --- the second Quantian version based on Knoppix 4.0.2, with openMosix support backported from clusterKnoppix v3.6.

Mirror structure

This directory at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle hosts the iso images for Quantian. Mirrors of this page are available at

Moreover, BitTorrent downloads are available at the Linux TLM Project and at EpiGenomics (in Germany).

Quantian ISO images can be downloaded 'over the web' with a browser or command-line client as well as via anonymous rsync, e.g.

rsync rsync://quantian.fhcrc.org/quantian/
would retrieve a directory listing, and for example
rsync -v rsync://quantian.fhcrc.org/quantian/boot_0.6.9.x.iso . 
would (verbosely) retrieve the 0.6.9.x-compatible boot image to the current directory. Note that http transfers may be more problematic given the large file size so rsync and bittorrent may be preferable.


Before downloading, please note that versions Quantian_0.1 (initially released as Quantix) and Quantian_0.2 do not include support for openMosix. If you plan to use these iso image to create openMosix clusters, then you need Quantian_0.3 (or later) which is based on clusterKnoppix.

Also note that the releases numbered 0.4, 0.5, ... tend to be copies of the last and final test-release preceding it. In other words, and to pick a concrete example, release 0.5 is identical to and 0.6 is identical to

Since the 0.5.9.* release series was started, primary releases are larger than the 700mb cdrom size. However, these images are both suitable for dvd burning. Alternatively, as outlined on several HOWTO pages on the Quantian site, they can also be booted by cdrom, lilo or other means. Lastly, Marco Caliari has contributed a cdrom-size version of Quantian, as well as a smaller size bootable image suitable for booting off a cdrom and pointing to the iso on disk (see the winboot HOWTO for details on that method).

Dirk Eddelbuettel
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