Processor Allocation Strategies for Multiprocessor Database Machines.

Haran Boral, David J. DeWitt: Processor Allocation Strategies for Multiprocessor Database Machines. ACM Trans. Database Syst. 6(2): 227-254(1981)
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In this paper four alternative strategies for assigning processors to queries in multiprocessor database machines are described and evaluated. The results demonstrate that SIMD database machines are indeed a poor design when their performance is compared with that of the three MIMD strategies presented.

Also introduced is the application of data-flow machine techniques to the processing of relational algebra queries. A strategy that employs data-flow techniques is shown to be superior to the other strategies decribed by several experiments. Furthermore, if the data-flow query processing strategy is employed, the results indicate that a two-level storage hierarchy (in which relations are paged between a shared data cache and mass storage) does not have a significant impact on performance.

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