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Pattern Recognition, Volume 40

Volume 40, Number 1, January 2007

Classification Neural networks Handwriting Geometry, Shape Fingerprint Face Image retrieval Affine Invariants Rapid and Brief Communications

Volume 40, Number 2, February 2007

Nearest-Neighbor Character Recognition K-means Recognition Skew in Documents Fitting Distortion Noisy background Edge detection Grey-level hit-or-miss modeling Images 3-D

Volume 40, Number 3, March 2007

Similarity Clustering Kernels Filtering Contours Support Vector Machines Handwriting Algorithms Modeling Applications

Volume 40, Number 4, April 2007

Matching Texture Moments Skeletonization Curves Segmentation Watermarking Applications Rapid and Brief Communications

Volume 40, Number 5, May 2007

Tree Feature Extraction Classification Learning Face Recognition Security System Discussion

Volume 40, Number 6, June 2007

Contour Color Vision Clustering Statistics Motion Fingerprint Handwriting

Volume 40, Number 7, July 2007

Segmentation Shape Motion Geometry Learning Feature Object Recognition Handwriting Face

Volume 40, Number 8, August 2007

Part Special Issue on Visual Information Processing Regular Papers Classifier Color Texture Space Speech Vision

Volume 40, Number 9, September 2007

Feature Analysis Color Geometry Models Algorithms Applications Rapid and Brief Communication

Volume 40, Number 10, October 2007

Statistics Learning Clustering Genetic Programming Subtraction Geometry Secret Face Signature Camera Application Graph

Volume 40, Number 11, November 2007

Color Mathematics Classification Segmentation Speech Clustering Matching Contours Learning Fingerprint Face Genetics Statistics Retrieval Mining

Volume 40, Number 12, December 2007

Classification Clustering Segmentation Digital Recognition Modeling Imaging Learning Visualization Color Character Recognition Rough Sets Watermarking

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