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Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 28

Volume 28, Number 1, March 2009

Editorial Articles Report

Volume 28, Number 2, April 2009

Human Perception and Green Graphics Fluids and Beyond Shadows and Global Illumination Motion Synthesis Caustics and Scattering Motion Compression GPU Shape Analysis and Helices Captured Models Interactive Cities and Terrain Model Reconstruction All about Trees Deformations The Joy of Math and Cartoon Drawing Computational Photography and Image Manipulation Virtual Humans Textures and Video Symmetry Detection and Intelligent Galleries

Volume 28, Number 3, June 2009

Functions Scatterplots Volume Rendering Multidimensional Data Volume Rendering & Hardware Acceleration Flow Visualization Biomedical Visualization User Studies and Interaction Applications Graph Visualization Geometry & Reconstruction Text Visualization

Volume 28, Number 4, June - July 2009

Rendering I Images and Textures Shadows Real Time Global Illumination Appearance Measurement and Rendering Rendering II Important Points and NPR Visibility and Particles

Volume 28, Number 5, July 2009

Modeling and Sculpting Hierarchies and Compression Reconstruction - Irregular Sampling Reconstruction - Regular Sampling Shape Analysis Meshing - Non-Simplex Meshing - Simplex Differentials Edges

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