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Coauthor Index

1Purang Abolmaesumi [6]
2Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed [4] [9] [14] [16] [18] [32] [35] [40] [41] [45] [47]
3Mohammad Al-Subaie [13] [22]
4Kashif Ali [20]
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10Anwar Haque [21] [23] [28] [43]
11Chowdhury Sharif Hasan [47]
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13Md. Endadul Hoque [35]
14Mohammed Hussein [12] [17]
15Pradeep Kannadiga [7] [9] [21]
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17Donghyun Kim [47]
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20Farzana Rahman [35]
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29Xiaofeng Yang [49]
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31Jiong Zhang [8] [15] [28]
32Zhi Jian Zhu [26]

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