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1EEHiroshi Kawaguchi, Gang Zhang, Seongsoo Lee, Takayasu Sakurai: An LSI for VDD-hopping and MPEG4 system based on the chip. ISCAS (4) 2001: 918-921

Coauthor Index

1Zhiping Cai [12] [13]
2Donglin Cao [18]
3L. Richard Carley [4] [5]
4Xueqi Cheng [2] [8] [11]
5Liguo Deng [15]
6E. Aykut Dengi [5]
7Guodong Ding [18]
8Lin Ding [8]
9Long-lei Dong [16]
10Hongbo Guo [6]
11Jiafeng Guo [8]
12Yan Guo [2] [7] [18]
13Ying He [17]
14Hiroshi Kawaguchi [1]
15Seongsoo Lee [1]
16Kui Li [7]
17Yue Liu [8] [11]
18Yi Lv [18]
19Zongmin Ma (Z. M. Ma) [12] [13] [14] [15] [17]
20Wen-tao Mao [16]
21Fang Mei [10]
22Yu Qian [3]
23Ronald A. Rohrer [5]
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25Takayasu Sakurai [1]
26Songbo Tan [11]
27Bin Wang [2]
28Hailong Wang [13] [14]
29Yu Wang [18]
30Keming Xie [6] [9]
31Hongbo Xu [2]
32Chunyu Xue [9]
33Li Yan [14]
34Jian Yin [10]
35Kai Zhang [7]
36Kang Zhang [3]
37Tie-Nan Zhao [17]
38Zhefeng Zhao [6] [9]
39Zhaotao Zhou [2]

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