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55Rynson W. H. Lau [33]
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61Jing Li [24]
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63Minming Li [61]
64Qiang Li [68] [73]
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66Xue-quan Li [83]
67Yongcheng Li [6]
68Zhaoji Li [81] [82]
69Yingyu Liang [168]
70Jia Liao [121]
71Chengjiang Lin [16]
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77Xiaojiang Liu [161]
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80Yinghua Lu [95]
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85Xiaohong Ma [113]
86Xikui Ma [132]
87Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann [33]
88Jianfeng Mao [18]
89Weihua Mao [97] [119]
90Marcio de Moraes Marim [145]
91Masood Masoodian [154]
92Vannary Meas-Yedid [144]
93Animesh Nandi [89]
94T. S. Eugene Ng [89] [112]
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96Dong-Xiao Niu [91]
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98Praveen Pankajakshan [143]
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102Binoy Ravindran [137] [139] [155]
103Guanghui Ren [94]
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111Andrzej Skowron [80]
112Jean-Luc Starck [118] [131]
113Daniel Thalmann [33]
114Daoqin Tong [146] [156] [158]
115C. K. Michael Tse (Chi K. Michael Tse, C. K. Tse, Chi Kong Tse) [132]
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118Duanpeng Wang [138]
119Guohui Wang [89] [112]
120Guopu Wang [48]
121Guoren Wang [121]
122Huiyi Wang [105]
123Julei Wang [166]
124Lin Wang [95]
125Xiaoling Wang [120]
126Yan-Guo Wang [96] [103]
127Yeqiu Wang [95]
128Zhi Wang [75]
129Zhikun Wang [115] [123] [152] [153]
130Hong Wang [29] [43]
131Wei Wang [120]
132Dong Wei [150]
133Ji-Rong Wen [72] [88] [111] [116] [161]
134Stefan Wolfl [95]
135Jinglan Wu [117]
136Jun Wu [50] [60] [69] [87]
137Kai Wu [95]
138Mingrui Wu [17]
139Xi Wu [150]
140Lan Xiao [105]
141Tongchun Xiao [123]
142Eric P. Xing [140] [148] [164]
143Mian Xing [91]
144Mingdi Xu [106]
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150Ming Yang [29]
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153Ge Yu [121]
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155Peijiang Yuan [149] [166]
156Zhigang Zeng [142]
157Josiane Zerubia [143]
158Hong Zhang [107] [122]
159HongJiang Zhang (Hong-Jiang Zhang) [27] [30] [31] [36] [40] [44] [45] [49] [50] [54] [57] [58] [59] [60] [66]
160Hongxin Zhang [95]
161Huai Zhang [5] [9]
162Huanguo Zhang [106]
163Jianwei Zhang [53] [57] [87] [93]
164Jinling Zhang [95]
165Lei Zhang [20] [23] [40] [49]
166Lin Zhang [141]
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168Tian Zhang [4]
169Xilong Zhang [150]
170Li-Quan Zhao [101]
171Nan Zhao [94]
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173Wujie Zheng [99] [105] [123]
174Yuan F. Zheng [12] [16]
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176Rumin Zhou [134]
177Xiaofang Zhou [121]
178Jun Zhu [72] [88] [111] [116] [140] [148] [161] [164]
179Xiaoyan Zhu [15]
180Christophe Zimmer [55] [92] [145]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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