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1EEDamjan Zazula: EDIpro - an integrated environment for electronic data interchange. Computer Communications 17(12): 876-885 (1994)

Coauthor Index

1Enis Avdicausevic [5]
2Luigi Bedini [25]
3Daniel Bernad [18]
4Anatoly Brazhnikov [25]
5Viljem Brumec [6]
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8A. Dobnikar [2]
9Dusan Heric [18] [23]
10Ales Holobar [12] [17] [20] [21] [24] [26]
11Peter Kokol [6]
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14Danilo Korze [3]
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26Hiroyuki Yoshida [25]
27Sergei I. Zharkov [25]
28Valentina V. Zharkova [25]

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