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Coauthor Index

1Oguz Akgus [36]
2Reyhan Aydogan [41] [51]
3S. Ilker Birbil [49]
4Egon L. van den Broek [23] [25]
5Akin Günay [37] [47] [49]
6Tunga Güngör [27]
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8Anil Gürsel [36]
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10Feyza Merve Isik [35]
11Catholijn M. Jonker [16] [19] [23] [25] [34]
12Özgür Kafali [44]
13João Leite (João Alexandre Leite) [28]
14Ashok U. Mallya [10]
15Emre Chasan Moustafa [36]
16Andrea Omicini [28]
17Albert Özkohen [22]
18Figen Öztoprak [49]
19Can C. Özturan [27]
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28Yathiraj B. Udupi [12] [20]
29Hande Zirtiloglu [42]

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