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Coauthor Index

1Timothy W. Bickmore [1] [2] [4]
2Mark Billinghurst [1]
3Lee Campbell [1] [4]
4Justine Cassell [1] [2] [4]
5Banani Chakraborty [7]
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9Baoquan Ding [7] [15]
10Shuai Ding [11] [16] [17] [18]
11Alejandra V. Garibotti [7]
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13Junwei Han [9]
14Jinru He [11] [16]
15Zeng-Guang Hou [5]
16Utku Irmak [12]
17Lisa B. Israel [7]
18Natasa Jonoska (Natasha Jonoska) [7]
19Jens Kopatsch [7]
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22Shiping Liao [7]
23Chenxiang Lin [13]
24Stuart Lindsay [13]
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30Sherri Rinker [15]
31Phiset Sa-Ardyen [7]
32Sudheer Sahu [6]
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34Ted Selker [3]
35Ruojie Sha [7]
36Wanqiu Shen [7]
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50Yi Zhang [5]
51Yuwen Zhang [7]
52Jiwen Zheng [7]
53Hong Zhong [7]

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