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Coauthor Index

1Adrian K. Agogino [30]
2Stéphane Airiau [36]
3Paul Ampadu [48] [49] [52] [53] [54]
4Esfandiar Bandari [33]
5Gregory Benford [55]
6Stefan Bieniawski [38] [41] [44]
7Philip K. Chan [14]
8Jeremy Frank [12] [20]
9Chien-Feng Huang [44]
10Dennis Huo [54]
11Sergey Kirshner [16] [25]
12Ron Kohavi [6]
13Mario Köppen [27]
14John W. Lawson [31] [32]
15Chiu Fan Lee [40]
16William G. Macready [8] [11] [15] [27] [42] [45] [50]
17Christopher J. Merz [16] [25]
18Dev G. Rajnarayan [47] [51]
19Sandip Sen [36]
20Joseph Sill [28]
21Padhraic Smyth [9] [10] [13]
22Salvatore J. Stolfo [14]
23Charlie E. M. Strauss [44]
24Kagan Tumer [12] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [25] [26] [28] [29] [30] [33] [35] [36]
25Kevin R. Wheeler [17] [19] [22]
26Qiaoyan Yu [54]

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