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1EERalf Hiptmair, Thomas Schiekofer, Barbara I. Wohlmuth: Multilevel Preconditioned Augmented Lagrangian Techniques for 2ndMixed Problems. Computing 57(1): 25-48 (1996)

Coauthor Index

1P. Hauret [13]
2Ralf Hiptmair [1]
3Ronald H. W. Hoppe [2]
4Stefan Hüeber [11] [14]
5Andreas Klimke [5] [7] [8] [9] [10]
6B. P. Lamichhane [6]
7Alina Matei [11]
8Jens Markus Melenk [4]
9Ronaldo F. Nunes [10]
10Julien Salomon [13]
11Thomas Schiekofer [1]
12Georg Stadler [14]
13Andrea Toselli [3]
14A. A. Weiss [13]
15Olof Widlund [3]
16Kai Willner [5]

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