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1 Marc Weeber, Rein Vos, R. Harald Baayen: Extracting the Lowest Frequency Words: Pitfalls and Possibilities. Computational Linguistics 26(3): 301-317 (2000)

Coauthor Index

1R. Harald Baayen [1]
2Lolkje T. W. de Jong-van den Berg [2]
3C. Christiaan van der Eijk [3] [4]
4Rob Jelier [3] [4] [5] [9]
5Henny Klein [2]
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7Wessel Kraaij [5] [9]
8Gerard Meijssen [10]
9Erik Möller [10]
10Barend Mons [3] [4] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]
11Erik M. van Mulligen [3] [4] [8] [9] [10]
12Stephan Raaijmakers [5]
13Peter-Jan Roes [10]
14Bob J. A. Schijvenaars [3] [4] [8] [9]
15Martijn J. Schuemie [3] [4] [8] [9] [11]
16Neil R. Smalheiser [6]
17Don R. Swanson [6]
18Vetle I. Torvik [6]
19Rein Vos [1] [2]
20Hester M. Wain [8]

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