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390Ke Wang [194] [208]
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392Ling Wang [127]
393Maoguang Wang [102]
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395Meiqin Wang [317]
396Pu Wang [206]
397Qigang Wang [289]
398Qin Wang [40]
399Qinhua Wang [253]
400Rui Wang [322]
401Runsheng Wang [303]
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410Xuchu Wang [92] [156]
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412Yizhou Wang [275]
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417Zhenyuan Wang [2] [10]
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420Zhifang Wang [258] [272]
421Zhiliang Wang [313]
422Hongxing Wei [207]
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428James Wheeler [23]
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438Song Wu [180] [202]
439Yimin Wu [30] [45]
440Ying Wu [231]
441Yujin Wu [44]
442Guangcheng Xi [277]
443Betty Xia [7]
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450Zhongmin Xiong [230] [283]
451Cheng-xian Xu [117]
452Guangwu Xu [321]
453Hongtao Xu [200]
454Jian Xu [194]
455Jian-Xin Xu [148] [241]
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457Jing Xu [188]
458Qing Xu [114] [158] [164]
459Xiao-Ming Xu [25]
460Yifan Xu [249]
461Haibo Xv [293]
462Bin Yan [55] [124]
463Chunlin Yan [205] [257]
464Lanfeng Yan [57] [93] [98]
465Bin Yang [185]
466Bo Yang [265]
467C. Yang [95]
468Jie Yang [271]
469Jin-Tan Yang (Jin-Tan David Yang) [118]
470Jiong Yang [16]
471Liwei Yang [119]
472Wu Yang [213]
473Xin Yang [204]
474Yanhui Yang [55] [124]
475Ying Yang [109]
476Yonghong Yang [53] [95]
477Yongtian Yang [213]
478Qingdong Yao [27]
479Yuanzhe Yao [68] [69] [70]
480M. David Yeager [71]
481Low Wai Yee [148]
482Jianqiang Yi [154]
483Baocai Yin [28] [41]
484Wen Jun Yin [189]
485Shi Ying [76]
486Toshinori Yoshikawa [63] [116]
487Bin Yu [29] [35]
488Hongbo Yu [319]
489Hua Yu [262]
490Jiangbo Yu [152]
491Lihua Yu [224]
492Lu Yu [27]
493Philip S. Yu [16]
494Wenpeng Yu [211]
495Xinsheng Yu [267]
496Jin Yuan [200]
497Junsong Yuan [231]
498Lulai Yuan [129] [159] [160] [166] [199]
499Shengzhong Yuan [287]
500Weizheng Yuan [101]
501Zheng Yuan [321]
502Chao Yun [279]
503Wei-min Yun [36]
504Osmar R. Zaïane [6] [7]
505Bin Zeng [206]
506Guosun Zeng [129] [130] [157] [159] [160] [166] [171] [199] [201] [228] [265]
507Tao Zhan [319]
508Aidong Zhang [26] [30] [32] [34] [45] [74] [111]
509Baochang Zhang [47]
510Bing Zhang [267]
511Chunhong Zhang [290]
512Dexuan Zhang [55]
513Haina Zhang [319]
514Heng Zhang [93]
515Hongli Zhang [54] [68] [69] [70]
516Hongmei Zhang [173]
517Houxiang Zhang [145] [211] [236]
518Huanshui Zhang [65] [66] [83]
519Ji Zhang [86] [87] [103] [106]
520Jianwei Zhang [145] [211] [236]
521Lei Zhang [101] [218]
522Lejun Zhang [213]
523Libin Zhang [292]
524Lisha Zhang [100]
525Maojun Zhang [302]
526Minsheng Zhang [273]
527Qi Zhang [226]
528Qiang Zhang [99]
529Qishan Zhang [140]
530Quan Zhang [201] [228]
531Rumi Zhang [96] [139]
532Shaohua Zhang [44]
533Sheng Zhang [86] [87] [103] [307]
534Wenbo Zhang [198] [218]
535Wenjie Zhang [298]
536Xi Zhang [63] [116]
537Xiang Zhang [195] [280]
538Xiangliang Zhang [56] [119] [244] [299]
539Yan Zhang [203] [225] [229]
540Ying Zhang [298]
541You-Sheng Zhang [176]
542Z. Zhang [95]
543Zhan Zhang [205] [257] [260]
544Zhuo Zhang [318]
545Debin Zhao [41]
546Dongbin Zhao [154]
547Hongming Zhao [207]
548Huihui Zhao [277]
549Jun Zhao [240]
550Wencang Zhao [153]
551Xuefeng Zhao [279]
552Yu Zhao [233]
553Zhengrong Zhao [185]
554Baihua Zheng [320]
555Chunying Zheng [149]
556Sining Zheng [120]
557Siyi Zheng [313]
558Shaochun Zhong [290] [318]
559Yongjiang Zhong [290]
560Changle Zhou [284]
561Haofeng Zhou [155] [254]
562Ming Zhou [21] [31]
563Qiuyong Zhou [98]
564Shan-Shan Zhou [64]
565Shuang Zhou [151]
566Tao Zhou [302]
567Xiangdong Zhou [200]
568Xiaolin Zhou [55]
569Yigang Zhou [151]
570Zhi-Hua Zhou [222] [278]
571Jinqing Zhu [255]
572Shanzhong Zhu [163] [238]
573Zhenmin Zhu [89]
574Yan Zhuang [36] [208]
575Guanghua Zong [145] [211] [236]
576Bin Zou [151]
577Henk J. van Zuylen [305]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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