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25EESergei G. Vorobyov: Cyclic games and linear programming. Discrete Applied Mathematics 156(11): 2195-2231 (2008)
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7 Sergei G. Vorobyov: On the Bounded Theories of Finite Frees. ASIAN 1996: 152-161
6EESergei G. Vorobyov: An Improved Lower Bound for the Elementary Theories of Trees. CADE 1996: 275-287
5 Sergei G. Vorobyov: Structural Decidable Extensions of Bounded Quantification. POPL 1995: 164-175
4 Sergei G. Vorobyov: Could Orders Be Captured By Term Rewriting Systems? CTRS 1992: 315-327
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1 Sergei G. Vorobyov: On the Arithmetic Inexpressiveness of Term Rewriting Systems LICS 1988: 212-217

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1Henrik Björklund [16] [17] [18] [20] [21] [24]
2Viktor Petersson [13]
3Sven Sandberg [16] [17] [18] [20]
4Ola Svensson [22] [23]
5Andrei Voronkov [10]

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