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Tomás Arredondo

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8EETomás Arredondo, Wolfgang Freund, César Muñoz: Entropy Based Diversity Measures in Evolutionary Mobile Robot Navigation. IEA/AIE 2008: 129-138
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1 Perambur S. Neelakanta, Shivani Pandya, Tomás Arredondo Vidal, Dolores F. De Groff: Heuristics of AI-Based Search Engines for Massive Bioinformatic Data-Mining: An Example of Codon/Noncodon Delineation Search in a Binary DNA Sequence. IICAI 2003: 685-694

Coauthor Index

1Loreine Agulló [4] [7]
2Jorge Avarias [4]
3Felipe Calderón [4] [7]
4Diego Candel [4] [7]
5Macarena Córdova [4] [7]
6Lioubov Dombrovskaia [4] [7]
7Wolfgang Freund [3] [5] [6] [8]
8Luis Gómez [4]
9Dolores F. De Groff [1] [2]
10Valeria Latorre-Reyes [4] [7]
11César Muñoz [3] [5] [6] [8]
12Freddy Muñoz [4]
13Nicolás Navarro [3] [5]
14Perambur S. Neelakanta [1] [2]
15Shivani Pandya [1]
16Fernando Quirós [3] [5] [6]
17Michael Seeger [4] [7]
18Félix Vásquez [7]

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