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22EELuigi Ferrara, Christian Mårtenson, Pontus Svenson, Per Svensson, Justo Hidalgo, Anastasio Molano, Anders L. Madsen: Integrating Data Sources and Network Analysis Tools to Support the Fight Against Organized Crime. ISI Workshops 2008: 171-182
21EEPer Svensson: The Evolution of Vertical Database Architectures - A Historical Review (Keynote Talk). SSDBM 2008: 3-5
20EENing Xiong, Henrik Christensen, Per Svensson: Reactive Tuning of Target Estimate Accuracy in Multisensor Data Fusion. Cybernetics and Systems 38(1): 83-103 (2007)
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18EENing Xiong, Henrik Christensen, Per Svensson: Agent negotiation of target distribution enhancing system survivability. Int. J. Intell. Syst. 22(12): 1251-1269 (2007)
17EEPer Svensson, Johan Schubert: FUSION 2004: The seventh international conference on information fusion. Information Fusion 7(4): 342-345 (2006)
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15EEUlla Bergsten, Johan Schubert, Per Svensson: Beslutstödssystemet Dezzy - en översikt CoRR cs.AI/0305033: (2003)
14 Jesper Fredriksson, Per Svensson: Evolutionary Design and Development of Image Meta-Analysis Environments Based on Object-Relational Database Mediator Technology. SSDBM 2001: 190-199
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3EEIlkka Karasalo, Per Svensson: The Design of Cantor - A New System for Data Analysis. SSDBM 1986: 224-244
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1EEPer Svensson: On Search Performance for Conjunctive Queries in Compressed, Fully Transposed Ordered Files. VLDB 1979: 155-163

Coauthor Index

1Simon Ahlberg [19]
2Magnus Andersson [4]
3Ulla Bergsten [11] [15] [16]
4Michael Cawson [5]
5Henrik Christensen [18] [20]
6Luigi Ferrara [22]
7Jesper Fredriksson [12] [13] [14]
8James C. French [10]
9Hans Hauska [8]
10Justo Hidalgo [22]
11Pontus Hörling [19]
12Joshua Zhexue Huang (Zhexue Huang) [7] [8] [9]
13Katarina Johansson [19]
14Karsten Jöred [19]
15Ilkka Karasalo [3]
16Illka Karasalo [2]
17Hedvig Kjellström (Hedvig Sidenbladh) [19]
18John C. Klensin [6]
19Anders L. Madsen [22]
20Christian Mårtenson [19] [22]
21Anastasio Molano [22]
22Göran Neider [19]
23Martin Podehl [5]
24Maurizio Rafanelli [6]
25Tore Risch [13]
26Per E. Roland [12]
27Johan Schubert [11] [15] [16] [17] [19]
28Geoffrey A. Stephenson [5]
29Pontus Svenson [19] [22]
30Ning Xiong [18] [20]

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