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Coauthor Index

1Nelson Axelrod [6]
2Anushka Brownley [7]
3Arthur L. Delcher [2] [7]
4Gennady Denisov [6]
5Ian M. Dew [2] [4]
6Michael Flanigan [2] [3]
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8Robert A. Holt [5]
9Daniel H. Huson [1] [2]
10Justin Johnson [7]
11Steven J. M. Jones [5]
12Sergey Koren [7]
13Saul A. Kravitz [2]
14Zhongwu Lai [1] [2]
15Samuel Levy [6]
16Kelvin Li [7]
17Weizhong Li [9]
18Gabor T. Marth [10]
19Jason Miller [3] [6]
20Jason R. Miller [7]
21Clark M. Mobarry [2] [3] [7]
22Eugene W. Myers (Gene Myers) [1] [2]
23Knut Reinert [1] [2]
24Karin A. Remington [2]
25Hagit Shatkay [3]
26Douglas R. Smith [8]
27Francisco M. de la Vega [10]
28Eli Venter [7]
29Brian Walenz [4] [6] [7]
30René L. Warren [5]
31Shibu Yooseph [3] [9]
32James A. Yorke [8]
33Aleksey V. Zimin [8]

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