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Coauthor Index

1Matthew Allen [7]
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3Martin Aumüller [8]
4David Bade [15]
5Ludmila Bakhireva [11]
6Gerry Bernbom [4]
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10John Colbourne [8]
11R. Cruise [5]
12Christina Deximo [11]
13William Fischer [2]
14Tatiana Foroud [11]
15Concettina Guerra [14]
16David Y. Hancock [10]
17David Hart [1] [2] [4] [5] [7] [8]
18Matthias Hess [8]
19John C. Huffman [9]
20John N. Huffman [9]
21Joseph Jacobson [11]
22Sandra Jacobson [11]
23Kenneth Lyons Jones [11]
24Rainer Keller [8]
25Akihiko Konagaya [14]
26Daniel A. Lauer [7]
27Huian Li [5]
28Huian Li II [8]
29Malinda Lingwall [12] [15]
30Matt R. Link [10]
31Sarah Mattson [11]
32Philip May [11]
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34Elizabeth Moore [11]
35Maria Morris [10]
36Vadim Moskvin [5]
37Matthias S. Müller [8] [12]
38Takuya Noguchi [3]
39Kimberly Ogle [11]
40Gary J. Olsen [2]
41Mary Papakhian [1] [4] [7]
42Lech Papiez [5]
43Christopher S. Peebles [1] [3]
44Richard Repasky [4] [8]
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50Anurag Shankar [4]
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54Ann Streissguth [11]
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58Peng Wang [7]
59Eric A. Wernert [2] [4] [9]
60Uwe Wössner [8]
61Helen Yezerets [11]

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