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Coauthor Index

1Mohamed Ramzi Bouzid [24]
2Maria Chiara Caschera [34]
3Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen [34]
4Christophe Claramunt [34]
5Rébecca Deneckère [19] [30] [32]
6Olfa Djebbi [20] [25] [27] [29]
7Joerg Doerr [36]
8Esther Elfassy [24]
9Anne Etien [5] [7] [11] [14] [17]
10Gauthier Fanmuy [13] [20]
11Fernando Ferri [34]
12Flavius Frasincar [34]
13Inès Gam [15] [16] [21]
14Fabio Grandi [34]
15Patrizia Grifoni [34]
16Sven Hartmann [34]
17Geert-Jan Houben [34]
18Elena Ivankina [12]
19Laure-Helene Jean-Baptiste [13]
20Elena Kornyshova [18] [19] [23] [30] [32]
21Christoph Marhold [36]
22Raúl Mazo [35]
23Andreas L. Opdahl [1] [34]
24Mario Piattini (Mario Piattini Velthius) [34]
25María José Presso [3]
26Björn Regnell [4]
27Clotilde Rohleder [36]
28Colette Rolland [6] [7] [8] [17] [31] [34] [35] [37]
29Matti Rossi [1]
30Daniel Díaz Sánchez (Daniel Diaz) [27]
31Il-Yeol Song [34]
32Laure-Hélène Thevenet [15] [21] [26] [28] [33]
33Philippe Thiran (Ph. Thiran) [34]
34Juan Trujillo [34]
35Gianluigi Viscusi [33]
36Jaana Wäyrynen [2]
37Carson C. Woo (Carson Woo) [31] [34]
38Esteban Zimányi [34]
39Iyad Zoukar [8] [9] [10] [11]

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