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12 Catherine Dolbear, Alan Ruttenberg, Ulrike Sattler: Proceedings of the Fifth OWLED Workshop on OWL: Experiences and Directions, collocated with the 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-2008), Karlsruhe, Germany, October 26-27, 2008 CEUR-WS.org 2009
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6EEAlan Ruttenberg: Hey! You Got Imperative in My Declarative, or A Mashup Made in Heaven: Making OWL friendlier with Javascript. OWLED 2007
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Coauthor Index

1Olivier Bodenreider [4]
2Ryan Brinkman [9]
3William Bug [4] [9]
4Helen Chen [4]
5Huajun Chen [8]
6Richard O. Chen [1]
7Kei Cheung [8]
8Kei-Hoi Cheung [4]
9Raymond J. Cho [1]
10Paolo Ciccarese [7]
11Tim Clark [1] [4] [7]
12Mélanie Courtot [9]
13Vlado Dancík [5]
14Donald Doherty [4]
15Catherine Dolbear [12]
16Michel Dumontier [8]
17Victor Farutin [5]
18Ramon M. Felciano [1]
19David Ficenec [1]
20Kerstin Forsberg [4]
21Yong Gao [4]
22Frank Gibson [9]
23Ivan Herman (Iván Herman) [4]
24Tonya Hongsermeier [4]
25Joseph Horvath [1]
26Vipul Kashyap [4]
27June Kinoshita [4] [7]
28Ted Liefeld [1]
29Allyson L. Lister [9]
30Joanne Luciano [2] [4]
31James Malone [9]
32M. Scott Marshall [4] [11]
33Eric Neumann [4]
34Marco Ocana [7]
35Chimezie Ogbuji [4]
36Mark Osborne [1]
37James Owen [1]
38Joël R. Pradines [1] [5]
39Eric Prud'hommeaux [8]
40Jonathan Rees [2] [3] [4] [11]
41Christian Reich [1]
42Daniel R. Richards [1]
43Matthias Samwald [4] [10] [11]
44Ulrike Sattler [12]
45Daniel Schober [9]
46Kavitha Srinivas [10]
47Holger Stenzhorn [10]
48Susie Stephens [4] [8]
49Yimin Wang [8]
50Gwendolyn T. Wong [4] [7]
51Elizabeth Wu [4] [7]
52Davide Zaccagnini [4]
53Jeremy Zucker [3]

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