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Coauthor Index

1K. Suzanne Barber (Kathleen Suzanne Barber) [1] [3]
2Bernard T. Barcio [1]
3Robert Batzinger [7]
4Coskun Bayrak [11] [12] [16] [23]
5Eric Brown [5]
6John Bush [19]
7Pablo Chacin [13]
8Chia-Chu Chiang [13]
9Jeffrey B. Connelly [12]
10April Crockett [5]
11Subhashish Duttachowdhury [10]
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13Eric Gelman [2] [4]
14William B. Hurst [26]
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16Hemant Joshi [10] [11] [12] [16] [25]
17Diego Klabjan [2] [4]
18Christine Le [23]
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20Tse-Hsin Liu [3]
21Rodger Maarfi [5]
22V. L. Narasimhan [27]
23George L. Nemhauser [2] [4]
24Selmin Nurcan [13]
25Mike Rogers [5]
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27Remzi Seker [12]
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33Nurcan Yuruk [26]
34Chuanlei Zhang [10] [11] [16] [26]

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