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1EEHariGovind V. Ramasamy, Michel Cukier, William H. Sanders: Formal Specification and Verification of a Group Membership Protocol for an Intrusion-Tolerant Group Communication System. PRDC 2002: 9-18

Coauthor Index

1Adnan Agbaria [5] [7] [8] [9]
2Michael Atighetchi [8]
3Serdar Cabuk [14]
4Christian Cachin [6]
5Tod Courtney [8]
6Michel Cukier [1] [2] [8] [15]
7Chris I. Dalton [14]
8Dan Dobre [11]
9Jeanna M. Gossett [8]
10Vishu Gupta [3]
11Bernhard Jansen [10] [16]
12Idit Keidar [8]
13Vinh Vi Lam [3]
14Hans Löhr [13]
15James Lyons [2] [8]
16Partha Pratim Pal [8]
17Prashant Pandey [2] [15]
18Paul Rubel [8]
19Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi [13]
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21Stefan Schulz [13]
22Matthias Schunter [10] [13] [14] [16]
23Mouna Seri [8] [12]
24Sankalp Singh [3]
25Christian Stüble [13]
26Neeraj Suri [11]
27Axel Tanner [10]
28Franklin Webber [8]

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