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15EEAndrés Esteban-Marcos, Aaron E. Darling, Mark A. Ragan: Seevolution: visualizing chromosome evolution. Bioinformatics 25(7): 960-961 (2009)
14EETim McComb, Oliver Cairncross, Andrew B. Noske, David L. A. Wood, Brad J. Marsh, Mark A. Ragan: IllouraTM: a software tool for analysis, visualization and semantic querying of cellular and other spatial biological data. Bioinformatics 25(9): 1208-1210 (2009)
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1EETimothy J. Harlow, J. Peter Gogarten, Mark A. Ragan: A hybrid clustering approach to recognition of protein families in 114 microbial genomes. BMC Bioinformatics 5: 45 (2004)

Coauthor Index

1Guillaume Achaz [13]
2Robert G. Beiko [2]
3Hans L. Bodlaender [6] [7]
4Kevin Burrage [4]
5Oliver Cairncross [14]
6Alexander García Castro [3]
7Cheong Xin Chan [2]
8Benny Chor [8]
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10Melissa J. Davis [12]
11Andrés Esteban-Marcos [15]
12Michael R. Fellows (Mike Fellows) [6] [7] [8]
13Leyla Jael García-Castro [3]
14J. Peter Gogarten [1]
15Timothy J. Harlow [1]
16Lindsay Hood [4]
17Jane Hunter [12]
18Imran Khan [12]
19Michael A. Langston [6] [7]
20Brad J. Marsh [9] [14]
21Tim McComb [14]
22Xavier Messeguer [11] [13]
23Andrew Newman [12]
24Andrew B. Noske [14]
25Igor Razgon [8]
26Eduardo P. C. Rocha [13]
27Frances A. Rosamond [6] [7] [8]
28Sagi Snir [8]
29Samuel Thoraval [3]
30Todd J. Treangen [11] [13]
31Mark Weyer [6] [7]
32Simon Wong [10]
33David L. A. Wood [14]

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