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Coauthor Index

1Luis von Ahn [54]
2John M. Aronis [7] [10] [12] [17]
3Paul N. Bennett [54]
4Abraham Bernstein [43]
5Bruce G. Buchanan [3] [4] [9] [12] [42]
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8Dashin Chou [26]
9Brian Dalessandro [53]
10Andrea Pohoreckyj Danyluk [5] [22]
11Vasant Dhar [26] [31]
12Pedro Domingos [35]
13Tom Fawcett [11] [14] [15] [19] [20] [21] [24] [28] [29]
14Ira J. Haimowitz [19]
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16Shawndra Hill [33] [43] [48]
17Haym Hirsh [31]
18Rod Hook [53]
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22Venkateswarlu Kolluri [16] [23] [42]
23Edith Law [54]
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27Douglas Metzler [42]
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38Salvatore J. Stolfo [19]
39Arun Sundararajan [50]
40Chris Volinsky [48]
41Gary M. Weiss [37]
42Xiaohan Zhang [53]

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